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Mutual credit guarantee scheme in association with ALEAP & CGTSI for women entrepreneurs

Credit facilities (Fund based and/ or Non fund based) extended to a single eligible borrower in the Micro and Small Enterprises sector for credit facility upto Rs.100 lakh (both manufacturing and service sectors) excluding retail trade without any collateral security and /or Third party guarantee.

  Facilities covered

Term Loans and  working capital limits (FB & NFB)..

  Loan amount covered

Borrowal accounts of Rs.15 lakhs

  Collateral / Third party Guarantee Eligibility


  Tenure of Guarantee Cover

Agreed Tenure for Term Credit., 5 years or a block of 5 years where working capital limits alone are considered.

  Amount of Guarantee Covery

75% of TL amount outstanding. 75% of Fund Based & Non Fund based Working Capital Limit or outstanding whichever is less as on the date of the account becoming Non Performing.

  Guarantee Fee

1.5% of sanctioned credit facilities upfront, shared by CGTSI and ACGA on 50-50 basis

  Service charges (Exclusively to ACGA)

0.75% annually on the limits as on 31st March of every year to be remitted within 60 days of close of the FY.

  Risk sharing

In 1:1 ratio by CGTSI and ACGA

  Maximum cumulative guarantee cover by ACGA to all credit institutions

ACGA can extend a guarantee cover up to a maximum of 5 times its corpus fund.


Solely at the discretion of Bank


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