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National Equity Fund Scheme (NEF) of SIDBI (Soft Loan Assistance)
  Equity type soft loan assistance from SIDBI for SSI units. 


New projects/existing units under Tiny/Small scale sector/service enterprises

Project Cost

Not exceeding Rs.50 lakhs (including margin for working capital) in case of new projects

Not exceeding Rs.25 lakhs in case of existing units/service entrepreneurs

Promoters Contribution

Minimum 10% of the project cost

Debt-Equity Ratio

65:35 OR 1.857:1 (excluding State Investment Subsidy)

Quantum Of Assistance 
Of Soft Loan Under Scheme

Amount of gap in equity as per prescribed DER after taking into account promoters contribution, to the extent of 25% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakhs

Interest On Soft-Loan


Annual Service Charges

5% annual service charges.

Repayment Of Soft-Loan

Soft loan is repayable in 7 years (including moratorium of 3 years) in tune with the repayment period of normal term loan permitted by Bank for the project. Non repayment of Soft loan would attract interest as stipulated by SIDBI.

Security For Soft-Loan



Conditions apply. The information provided above is only illustrative and not exhaustive. 

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