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AB Cash Track is one of the technology-based products at your doorsteps for the fastest collection of cheques/DDs/payorder of the business community from various locations. FASTNESS, FLEXIBILITY AND FORESIGHT are the 3 Fs based on which our CMS is working and is standing FIRST in the servicing the business world. CMS is a value added service that ensures efficient cash flows of your business and eliminates idle floats and lowers the cost of funds. 

The primary concern of any business undertaking is not only increasing the business volumes but also the fastness with which such volumes are realized in cash. To understand more about AB CashTrack and its utility to you, please read below.

  What is ABCASHTRACK - a Premier Cash Management System?

A) CMS is a banking service that enables the customers to manage their Receivables and Payments efficiently and effectively. Under CMS, customers get a Single point credit for the cheques deposited by their dealers at multiple locations.

  Are you in the following Target group to avail CMS?

A) All the business undertakings like proprietary, partnership, corporates in particular who have a branch/dealer network across a wide area are the customers that can be covered under CMS.

  What is the architecture of CMS?

A) CMS works on a HUB and Spokes model. The Central Hub is at Hyderabad and Cash in nodes are at various branches, which are connected to the central Hub.

  How do the customers benefit from CMS?

A) The instruments of customers can be collected from different locations under two methods: 1. Local Collection product    2. Out Station collection product 

Local Collections: The dealers of the customer instead of sending cheques to the latter can as well handover their cheques at our cash in branches. No account opening is required at these branches. The proceeds of these cheques will be credited to the customer's account at his bank. 

Out Station Collections; when the customer is already in receipt of cheques from his dealers, the proceeds of these cheques can be given credit to his account. 

The MIS i.e. the email Reports of the cheques presented/realized/returned etc. can be sent to the customer under CMS only but not in any mode of funds transfer mechanism. MIS is the unique advantage to the customer for updating his receivable position on day-to-day basis.

  What is the maximum amount permitted by RBI under this Scheme?

A) Under Local and Out station collections, the customer get the flexibility of getting proceeds of cheques on two arrangements i.e. Clear Credit and Guaranteed Credit.

Clear Credit is giving credit on realization of cheques. 

Guaranteed Credit is giving credit as per arrangement with the customer i.e. on D+0, D+1, D+2 etc. 

Customer may opt either Clear Credit or Guaranteed Credit based on his funds requirement. The Price for Clear Credit is cheaper than Guaranteed Credit under CMS.

   What are the special features of ABCASHTRACK? 
  • Fastest collection of cheques from different locations
  • Cheapest mode of collection method
  • Flexible arrangements enable you to make financial planning
  • Safest transfer of your funds
  • Comprehensive MIS to up date your receivable position
  • Hassle free reconciliation possible
  • A Single Point Contact for responding to your queries
  • Courier pick up facility of cheques from your door steps  

Andhra Bank is serving several corporate customers in the country. An array of customers like corporates, banks, financial institutions etc. are making use of our CMS to enhance their liquidity position and for efficient management of business with the comprehensive MIS that is available from us. Andhra Bank with its strong network of 1561 branches across the country with 100% computerization is having an edge over others in delivering the best service to your dream requirements under CMS. In Andhra Pradesh, with a network of 1058 branches, we can serve you from all the nook and corners of the state. AB CASHTRACK can steer your financial vehicle to the desired destination.