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Remit Funds To India- Through Swift- Fastest Way

Andhra Bank's Wire Transfer Instructions is one of the easiest offline methods of sending money to your family and friends in India. No matter where you are in the world, Wire Transfer Instructions, to your local bank, allow you to remit money to any Andhra Bank account in India.

NRIs can send remittances to India by way of SWIFT. We maintain 18 nostro accounts across 12 countries in 12 currencies . NRI can remit funds to these banks for respective currencies for further credit to His/or any beneficiaries account through SWIFT. We give below the details of our accounts maintained abroad. Remitters may request their banker to send funds to India by using  details given below.

All you need to do is to get to your local bank branch and instruct them to credit our relevant account held with our correspondent bank in the currency you want to send funds in. You can mention any Andhra Bank account in the ultimate beneficiary details. Please remember to tell your local bank to mention "OUR" in their charges column when they send the wire transfer.

From the time you place the funds transfer request with your local bank, it takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account held with our correspondent bank. The Wire transfer will be processed and the money will be transferred to your beneficiary account in 24 banking hours after Andhra Bank has received the funds into its account held with the correspondent bank.

Your local bank may charge you for the wire transfer. We levy a nominal Foreign currency conversion charges and incoming Wire Transfer charges of Rs 500/- (Plus GST) irrespective of the amount of remittance.

Important Instructions:

Please ensure that your local bank mentions  beneficiary”s 15 DIGIT account number, name and address and purpose of remittance in the payment message as it is mandatory as per the regulatory requirement. This would prevent any undue delay in the processing of your transaction.

Swift / BIC Code for Andhra Bank for retail remittances is: ANDBINBB

For a sample wire transfer form please select currency below:

Click here for the list of correspondent banks