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Andhra Bank TEJ – FAQs
  1. What are the perquisite for using this app?

    Smart phone, Active debit card, registered mobile number & GPRS.

  2. Will I be able to use across all platforms?

    Currently available for Android (4.1 & above) & iOS (7 & above)

  3. How it is different from previous App?

    Simplified registration & activation flow with better user experience. Hassle free transactions validation with OTP, no more generating & remembering mPINs. New work flow/features introduced in our new mobile banking like NEFT, Forgot Password Option, standing Instructions, Mobile Recharge, Locator, feedback, new UI design for mobile application etc.

  4. How can we register for this mobile banking App?

    Download the app from respective play store and register from app itself. No branch/ATM visit required to register. Instant activation, user can start using the services once registration is successful.

  5. Is there any charges for using mobile banking services?

    There are no charges for using mobile banking services (IMPS charges applicable).

  6. How much amount can be transferred in a day?

    Per day transaction limit is Rs 2,00,000/-

  7. How much amount can be transferred in a day?

    Per day transaction limit is Rs 2,00,000/-

  8. This limit can be increased as per customer request?

    This limit is fixed for all customers and will not be increased as per customer’s request.

  9. What is application password?

    Customer has to set a four digit application password to log in to application. This password should not be shared with anyone.

  10. In case I don’t remember my application password?

    Reset your four digit password using forgot password option. Debit card details needs to be entered to validate the transaction. Lase three password will not be accepted.

  11. Does the customer need to register a beneficiary before transferring funds?

    Customer can register beneficiary or can go for Quick pay to make fund transfer transactions without adding a beneficiary.

  12. Registered beneficiary will be activated quickly or there is a cooling period?

    For security reasons, 3 hours cooling period is there. Added beneficiary will be activated only after 3 hours of addition

  13. What is the limit for quick payment?

    Customer can transfer maximum of Rs 5000/- per transaction

  14. What Details of beneficiary will be required?

    1. In case of within bank beneficiary – Account number or mobile number (In case of mobile number, beneficiary should be registered for mobile banking services)
    2. Other Bank – Account number & IFSC
    3. MMID – Mobile number & MMID
  15. What are the accounts will be linked in this App?

    1. All active accounts linked with registered customer id can be accessed through ABTEJ.
    2. All accounts will be listed category wise i.e Savings& Current, Deposits, Loans & Overdraft/Cash Credit under Accounts option.
    3. Mode of operation allowed are 1(Self), 2 (Either or Survivor),5(Former or survivor),10(HUF),13(Proprietor).
  16. In case of any new account addition, how will I link the account for mobile banking?

    User can select link delink option under “My accounts” option and select “sync” option to add/update any changes /closure/addition of account.

  17. Will I be able to use App after changing my SIM or mobile?

    In case of change in handset or mobile, customer has to deregister and register afresh. Deregistration will done through App, once user has changed his mobile number or handset.

  18. What is the maximum number of beneficiary we can add?

    There is no limit on number of beneficiary.

  19. What is the maximum number of transactions we can do in a day?

    There is no limit on number of transactions.

  20. What is a favourite transaction?

    Favourite transaction is the most attempted transaction, any transaction can be added as favourite. Once favourite transaction is added, customer can directly select and transfer without the need to enter all details.

  21. How many favourite transaction we can add?

    User can have maximum of 10 favourite transactions.

  22. Can we add standing instructions for other bank accounts?

    Standing instruction can be added for self and within bank accounts.

  23. What are the Cheque services available?

    Cheque status enquiry, Stop Cheque & New cheque book request.

  24. Is debit card instantly blocked?

    Yes, Card will be blocked instantly.

  25. What Is Bharat QR and how it works?

    Bharat QR Code is the world’s first inter-operable payment solution; it will make use of QR codes system for payments across merchant outlets. Payment networks such as MasterCard, American Express and Visa have collaborated with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). Bharat QR Code will allow all the merchants to receive digital payments without the use of Point-of-Sale (POS) swiping machine. It will allow the customers of any bank to use their Smartphone app to make payment using their debit card.