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FAQ Short term credit
Andhra Bank Pattabhi Agri card
  How the scale of finance for different crops is fixed? Is it common through out       the country?

Scale of finance for different crops is fixed at district level by District Level Consultative committee of respective districts duly taking cost of cultivation and yield of different crops in to consideration every year.  All banks operating in the districts are adopted the scale of finance approved by DLTC while extending crop loans.

  Who are the members in DLTC?

District Co-operative Central Bank is the Convenor and other members are Lead District Manager, District coordinators of different banks operating in the district, line departments of State Government and progressive farmers in the district.
  Is there any provision to get additional finance over and above the scale of       finance fixed for each crop ?

Yes. Farmers are eligible to get 20% additional finance over and   above the eligible scale of finance
  Any stamp duty exemption is available to the farmers at the time of execution of       loan documents

Small and marginal farmers in Andhra Pradesh are exempted for stamp duty upto a credit limit of Rs.3.00 lacs
  Can the farmer draw the crop loan in installments?

Pattabhi Agri card is revolving credit and farmer can draw the loan in installments within the limit fixed and also credit the sale proceeds into the account. Multiple credits and multiple debits are allowed in the account.
  Can the farmer give the instructions to the branch, not to cover the crop insurance      to his loan account?

No, coverage of crop insurance is mandatory for all the loanee farmers . All eligible crops are to be covered under   crop insurance compulsorily
  What are the collateral security and margin norms for agril loans?

No margin and no collateral security insisted up on for the limits upto Rs 1.00 lakh.

  Is the relaxed security and margin norms are eligible to the tenant farmers and JLG      groups ?


  Is Personal accidental insurance cover to the Kisan Credit Card holders available      besides crop insurance for the notified crops ?

Yes, under Personal Accidental Insurance Scheme, the accidental insurance cover upto Rs50,000 is available for the KCC holders.

Kisan Sampathi
  What for the Kisan Sampathi loans?

It is the facility for the crop loan farmers to avail loan against the crop produce stored to avoid distress sale and to meet th exigencies

  Non Loanee farmers are also eligible for credit under Kisan Sampathi "