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Toll Free Number : 1800 425 1515

Know about Andhra Bank Gift Cards

Prepaid card is a Money value loaded Card with predefined limit. It is the first prepaid card in India, with PIN enabled for POS transactions, Self Operable Locking of Card, Customer choice of 4 digit Personal Access code for customer self care operations and an emergency usage of Stand-in card on International Travel Prepaid Cards.

The Bank has launched Gift, Travel cards in USD and a co-branded Prepaid card with India First Life Insurance Company.

  Gift Card:

The flexi denominated Gift cards are issued from Rs 250/- to Rs 1,00,000. The card is offered in an Aesthetic Gift Pack with all Tech savvy facilities to attract particularly, younger generations. The cards are accepted at all Master card International affiliated Merchants. Gift cards are issued at our select Branches


  Features of Gift cards

  1. PIN is enabled for POS usage, subject to prompting for PIN in the POS Terminal.

  2. The self operable temporary card locking facility to prevent misuse of the card.

  3. The cardholder will have the choice of selecting, 4 digit Personal Access Code (PAC) for usage in Prepaid card-Customer Self care portal

  4. Simple Activation with issuance of replacement card at the Branches in case the card is Lost/Stolen/Damaged

  5. Gift cards are permitted initially at POS Merchants and would be extended for Internet and IVR (Mobile/Phone) payment transactions in due course.

  6. Print out of statement of Account is arranged with cost

  7. SMS alerts are sent for all transactions at Free of cost.

  Norms for issuance of Prepaid Gift cards:

  1. The applicant to be an Indian citizen with age of 18 years and above

  2. KYC documents are insisted for Non-customers.

  3. The Corporate listed in any of the stock exchanges in India, are eligible to purchase Gift cards for onward distribution to their employees, customers etc., after satisfying KYC norms of such individuals.

  Schedule of Charges:
Sl No Details Gift Cards
1 New Card Issuance* For Non customers 25% of charges extra are levied Rs 25/- up to value of Rs 1,000
Rs 50/- for above value Rs 1,001
2 Hot listing of cards Rs 100/-
3 Issuance of new/replaced PIN/Password Rs 50/-
4 Replacement of a Hot listed/Damaged/Broken card Rs 50/-
5 Statement Print & sending to the address provided Rs 25/-
6 Balance enquiry at Andhra Bank ATM
Other Bank ATM
Free as applicable
7 On expiry of the card, the outstanding balance is refunded by way of issuing a New Gift Card on submission of KYC Documents Rs 25/-deducted, if balance outstanding in the card is more than Rs 25/-
8 If Balance outstanding is less than Rs 25/- on expiry period of the Gift card No refund is permissible and the Amount is appropriated towards charges
9 Charges on Temporary Locking of the card Rs 10/- per occasion
  Terms and conditions of the card
  1. Non Personalised and Non-Reloadable cards are issued.
  2. Card is valid for Payment in India only and not valid for cash withdrawals
  3. Validity of the card is One year from the date of purchase, irrespective of the Month and year printed on the card and the same will be valid till the last day of the Month
  4. No interest is paid on the outstanding balance in the card account
  5. No overdraft is allowed in the Gift Card Account under any circumstance
  6. Cancellation is not permitted during currency of the Gift Card.
  7. Gift Cards are not enabled for Offline MOTO (Money Order or Telephonic Order), manual key entry transactions, internet gambling usage, installment payments, Direct Debit transactions, Pre-Authorisation bookings etc.,.
  8. Fees/Charges levied are not refundable under any circumstances
  9. Usage of card shall be terminated without any notice, upon the death, bankruptcy or insolvency, if the Bank receives such information from any sources.

Customer Service: The customer friendly services are made available at the following channels, for balance enquiry, transaction view, statement of card account, self locking/unlocking of the card, PIN change/unlock, reporting of stolen/lost/misplaced card, request for replacement of card, dispute lodgment etc.,

  • 24x7 Toll Free IVR Helpline: 1800 425 1515
  • Customer care Portal :
  • Fax: 040 2475 5052
  • Customer care Officer -during office Hours 040 2468 3206 or 040 2475 1157
For more details, contact any nearest Branch of Andhra Bank or send an e-mail to OR for any enquiries