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NRI FCNR B Deposits
 Main purpose for which normally accounts are opened

NRIs who wish to be avoid Risk of Foreign Exchange fluctuations, and to avail Repatriation facilities keep their amounts in in FCNR Deposits. These Accounts are maintained in Foreign currency only. 

 Currency in which account is maintained


 Type of Deposits

Current, Savings and Term Deposits.

 Period of Term Deposits

1 year to 5 years.

 Joint Accounts

Permitted with other eligible person.

 Operation of Accounts

Depositor can appoint Mandate or Power of Attorney Holder.

 Interest rates

Interest is paid in the Foreign currency in which the deposit is placed. For the Latest interest rates  click here.

 Permitted Credits and Debits

Remittances from abroad/Transfer from other NRE/FCNR  a/cs and also  interest and Proceeds of Investments made from his NRE account or other NRE accounts which are of repatriable nature