Andhra Bank
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Toll Free Number : 1800 425 1515

Housing Loans : In any area like rural, semi-urban, urban and metro etc.
  Salaried Class
  • Salaried class with pension facility:
    In case of repayment term stretches beyond date of retirement, spouse/family pensioner to join as co-obligant.
  • In case of salaried class without pension benefit loan shall co-terminate at the age of superannuation.
  • Income proof – salary certificates, Form 16 issued by employer, IT returns/ Assessment Orders. Statement of a/c where salary is credited.
  Agriculturists, Business & Self-employed persons
  • For qualified professionals, self employed and persons with assured income flow from agriculture/business/industry/rents.
  • Loan eligibility is based on monthly average income of preceding three years as reflected by IT returns.
  • Income proof for professional and self employed – Income proof for the last 3 years supported by financial statements attested by CA – Income Tax Returns, Assessment Orders. Statement of Bank account.
  • Income Proof for agriculturists – Income Certificate by competent Revenue Authority.
  Documents required in case of purchase
  • Agreement for sale between vendor and purchaser.
  • Name and address of the vendor and purchaser.
  • Copies of link documents of title to the property in possession of the vendor along with tax receipts.
  • Original receipts for payment s made to builder/vendor.
  • Copy of the approved plan.
  • Certificate from Approved Engineer about the present value, condition and life of the house/flat.
  • Lay out approval. 
  Documents required in case of construction
  • Copy of approved plan.
  • Detailed estimate of construction.
  • Original title deeds of the site.
  • Development Agreement between the owner of the site and builder.
  • Allotment letter of the house / flat issued by Housing Board.
  • NIL Encumbrance Certificate.
  • Any other document stipulated by Legal Advisor / Sanctioning authority.
  • Processing charges:
    0.50 % of loan amount subject to maximum of Rs.10000/- + applicable tax. However there are no processing charges on Housing Loans from 01.07.2018 to 30.09.2018.
  • Prepayment Charges for floating rate of interest:
    No prepayment charges for loans with floating rate of interest
  • Administrative charges:
    For loans up to Rs.10.00 lacs – Rs.100 per quarter.
    For loans above 10 .00 lacs to 15.00 lacs Rs.150 per quarter
    For loans above Rs.15.00 lacs Rs.250 per quarter.