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Mutual Funds
andhra Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a pool of money collected from investors and is invested according to stated investment objectives. Mutual Funds could be Equity funds, Debt funds or balanced funds
andhra Characteristics of Mutual Funds:

  • investors own the mutual fund
  • professional managers manage the funds for a fee
  • the funds are invested in a portfolio of marketable securities, reflecting the investment objective
  • value of the portfolio and investors' holdings alters with change in the market value of investment

Products of the following Mutual Fund companies are made available to our valued customers through all branches of our bank across the country with the help of our AMFI Certified Marketing Officers/ CROs and Branch Managers.

Sr. No. Name of the Company
1 SBI Mutual Fund
2 TATA Mutual Fund
3 UTI Mutual Fund
4 Principal Pnb Asset Management Co. Ltd.
5 Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
6 Reliance Mutual Fund
7 Kotak Mutual Fund
8 Fidelity Mutual Fund
9 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
10 LIC Mutual Fund
11 Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Funds are selected on quantitative parameters like volatility, risk adjusted returns, and rolling return coupled with a qualitative analysis of fund performance and investment styles through regular due diligence processes.

andhra Advantages of Investing into a Mutual Fund

The following are the advantages of Mutual Funds to investors:

  • portfolio diversification
  • professional management
  • reduction in risk
  • reduction in transaction cost
  • liquidity
  • convenience and flexibility

There are certain disadvantages of Mutual Funds.

  • No control over costs
  • no tailor-made portfolios
issues relating to management of portfolio of mutual funds.
andhra Mutual Fund products:

  • Open ended funds –
  • Close Ended funds
  • Equity funds :-
  • Debt funds
  • Balanced funds:
andhra Investment Options

Investors can achieve income and growth objectives in all funds
  1. Dividend option (Regular dividend/ ad-hoc dividend)
  2. growth option
  3. re-investment option
Most funds provide multiple options and the facility to switch between options.
andhra Regulatory Frame Work

  • SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations 1996
  • RBI as regulator guarantees of sponsors in bank-sponsored mutual funds
  • Regulator of G-Secs and money markets
  • Stock Exchange – listed mutual funds
  • Companies Act _ AMCs and Trustees Co., CLB as regulator, ROC for companies, DCA for formulation of laws, prosecution of directors for non-compliance
  • office of the Public Trustee – Registration & Complaints against trustees
andhra Self-Regulatory organizations

  • Derive powers from regulator
  • ability to make bye-laws
  • example : Stock Exchange
  • Industrial Associations(Collective industry opinion, Guidelines & recommendation E.g.: - AMFI)
Regulated for investor protection - The Mutual Funds sector is regulated to safeguard the investor's interests.
andhra As an intermediary:

  • We make the forms available to clients, explain the schemes and provide administrative and paperwork support to investors, making it easy and convenient for the clients to invest.
  • Bank provides high quality advise and product information to the investing customers
  • Bank explain and position this service in such a way that clients recognize it as a specialized and value added service, a task which may be difficult to accomplish on their own
  • Convince investors that the transaction and intermediation cost they are paying is justified in lieu or the long-term benefits accruing from such counseling and guidelines.
andhra KYC is mandatory for all Mutual Fund investments from February 1st 2008.

With effect from 01 February 2008, any investor (all applicants) investing Rs. 50,000 and above into mutual funds (either Online Mutual Fund or physical application) would be required to be KYC compliant with CVL without which the transactions may be liable to get rejected by the mutual fund houses.

As per SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09, the commission that is going to be earned by the Distributor/ Bank on various products of different Mutual fund companies will be made available to the investors on demand.

These commission payments are subject to change, without any prior consent and at a sole discretion and agreement between AMC & Bank.


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